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Enabling NationWide
Digital Services


JANUARY 28, 2021 11:00 AM EET

RT Hon Tony Blair

Executive Chairman of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change and former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Mr. Dan Zajicek


Mrs. Irina Nevzlin

Founder & Chair

Mali - Minister of Communication

Hon. Hamadoun I. TOURE

Minister of Communication

Niger - Ibrahim GUIMBA (350x350)

Hon. Ibrahim GUIMBA

Minister of Communications

Hon.Michael Makuei Lueth - South Sudan (350x350)

Hon. Michael Makuei Lueth

Minister of Information, Communication, Technology, and Postal Services
South Sudan

Minister - south sudan

Hon. Gabriel Changson Chang

Minister of Higher Education
South Sudan

Minister in charge of the Promotion of Investments in Gabon

Hon. Carmen Ndaot

Minister in charge of the Promotion of Investments

H.E. Wol Mayar Ariec

Head of Mission / Ambassador to Israel
South Sudan

H.E. Reta Nega Alemu

Ambassador and Special Envoy

Ambassador - Tanzania

H.E. Job D. Masima

Ambassador to Israel

Mr. Ismaila TOGOLA


Hon Abraham Kofi Asante (350x350)

Mr. Abraham Kofi Asante

Ghana Investment Fund For Electronic Communication

Mr. Yoaz Hendel

Former Minister of Communications

Mr. Izhar Shay

Former Minister of Science & Technology

Mr. Aviv Ronai

VP Marketing & Product

Yariv Cohen (350x350)

Mr. Yariv Cohen

U.A Dubai

Mr. Ofer Asif

SVP Business Development, Marketing & Strategy

Mr. Oren Tepper

SVP Global Sales.

Logo - Communication Africa 2021 Logo (white)

Enabling NationWide
Digital Services

JANUARY 28, 2021
11:00 AM EET

At CommuNication Africa 2021 vision and technology will meet to enable nationwide digital services throughout Africa. This one time high level event is connecting Africa's most influential ministers and governmental policy makers with global technology leaders. Together we are turning social & economic visions into reality.

Today, more than ever, Always ON, high-quality communications are a fundamental requirement for any modern society and economy. The ability to connect, communicate and share information is a basic human necessity. Widely ranging from government services such as border supervision, post services and ID issuing, through vitals such as education, health, and security. Developing national infrastructures and initiating practical wide-scale national projects is a must in order to narrow the economic and social gaps between urban and rural areas. Accessible communication is the foundation of a healthy society with a developing and growing economy.

When governments wish to deploy a national communications network for all citizens of the country to benefit from, African states encounter significant challenges, which can’t always be bridged with land-based technologies. Due to the challenges of terrestrial-based solutions, especially in a continent which is inconceivable in scale, satellites remain the most reliable solution with major attributes in terms of its quality, efficiency and fast deployment. When it comes to the deployment of communication infrastructure that connects all areas, urban and rural, to the economic and social centers of the country, satellite is also the most economical solution. Reliable Satellite communications services are essential for the development of the entire African continent.

Ministerial and High level event

The conference will showcase the needs of African countries in a wide range of fields and will demonstrate to senior government official and international agencies, the importance and benefits of satellite communications as part of an overall nationwide communications system, and at the same time will focus on the economic viability, speed of implementation, and the enormous value of the diverse range of solutions made possible by satellite communications.

Spacecom will present a new and unique service model for African countries, as well as various models to construct satellite-based communications projects and to purchase satellite services.

The conference will be a high-level business meeting with the participation of ministers of communications, space and technology, health, education and homeland security, senior government officials and decision makers from the most developed countries in Africa, and from Israel, investors, global banks and more. The conference will be held with the participation of the Rt. Hon Tony Blair, the former prime minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and currently the chairman of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, which is engaged in African development.

We are honored to invite you to participate in this unique gathering and to present your services / solutions and their interface with solutions provided by Spacecom and with satellite communications in general. This is a rare opportunity to be among a limited number of companies, who, under the auspices of Spacecom, will be able to make personal presentations to the most relevant bodies in Africa.

Join the African communication revolution

Spacecom is a leading satellite Communications Service Provider and the owner and operator of the AMOS satellite fleet covering Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Spacecom’s recent satellite, the AMOS-17, was built by Boeing, launched into space by SpaceX and became operational at the end of 2019. AMOS-17 is a fully digital and advanced High Throughput Satellite (HTS) which covers all of Sub Saharan Africa and positioned optimally to serve Africa.

The communication revolution led by Spacecom, and its leading technology strategic partners, enables Sub Saharan African states to leverage the AMOS-17 communications infrastructure and the value-added services on top of it, as a National “Virtual Private Satellite” for any civil and defense needs. Any nation connected will have immediate access to modern communication services and 100% national coverage for their growing digital needs, while connecting to diverse applications and platforms.