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Fast, reliable, affordable, and secure connectivity is the foundation for any e-health operation. For the best performance of your sites, rural, suburbs and even urban, choose Spacecom’s digital community services together with AMOS-17, the most advanced satellite in Africa. 

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Get the e-Health for the digital community PDF if you like to learn more about the advanced e-Health applications of Spacecom’s Digital Community Platform. Our service is dedicated to sub-Saharan African countries. 

Telemedicine Communication

Preliminary assessment guidance

For health professionals and experts

ehealth 2 (400)

Remote clinics-e-Health services with local diagnosis via a digital lab and cloud connectivity

Health services for remote locations.

For paramedics locations where doctors are unavailable

ehealth 3 (400)

Online expert consultation for remote clinics

Access to patient information, diagnosis and lab results, live consultation via video.

For health professionals / Experts / Doctors

ehealth 4 (400)

Solar power remote clinics with multiple sensing, diagnosis, and imaging devices

Designed-for-solar, all included clinics for off-grid communities. Solar power system included.

For health professionals / Experts / Doctors

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Run more Applications from any location

For best performance, we introduce new technologies allowing you to dynamically prioritize the network per application per site

Get the best Bit / Dollar ratio in the industry.

The bit/dollar ratio is affected by price, efficiency, and technology. Using a local cloud along and a AI that optimize the network will provide you with the best performance per Dollar at any given time.

Icon - ehealth computer

Use premium links for live video and real time applications

AMOS-17 digital Satellite is the most advanced satellite in Africa with 12 powerful HTS C-band country beams and two great Ku regional ones. Upload in one band download in another and enjoy the best performance, even when it's raining.

Digital Community Platform

Linking Remote Clinics To Global Sources

Digital equality is not only a necessity for modern living, but a right. It is precisely the populations, who need it the most, that live without the tremendous benefits enabled by the information revolution, and the gaps between main cities and remote, unconnected communities continues to grow. Spacecom is determined to make a change and create a new reality which provides digital equality and stimulates socio-economic activity. Our goal is to empower remote communities, with scalable digital solutions that will improve the quality of the lives of millions and allow governments and NGOs to increase the accessibility, security and effectiveness of public services.